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What people say about Creative Prayer...

Creative prayer for me is a chance to carve out time with God without distractions.

I really value these opportunities to be ministered to, challenged and helped on my journey with Him.

Also, the chance to have a time of fellowship and make new friends from other churches where we learn from each other.

Although I am not naturally artistic, I am able to do collages etc through which God speaks to me.

Mary Boulter

journal page trees and leaves
Christian vision board collage
prayer journal page with collage images

I’ve been coming to creative prayer for around a year and I always look forward to it. It helps me to be disciplined in taking time out to connect with God and I always feel refreshed afterwards. The sessions are relaxed but immersive and the team are so welcoming, friendly and supportive. There is just the right amount of guidance in the session, which allows you to feel free to connect with God in your own way. I’m always sad if for whatever reason I can’t attend! 

Georgia Hart

Christian art
christian lettering be still and know that i am God

I first came to creative prayer after a friend invited me, I really wasn’t sure what to expect but after one session I was hooked. I have struggled in the past connecting with God and this opened up a new path way for me.

Creative prayer is time I have intentional carved out of my busy life to connect with God, I’m not overly creative which doesn’t matter but this is time for me to connect with God in a different way. 

The creative prayer community that has been built is amazing, they are all friendly and come for different reasons but they are all accepted and you take inspiration from them but also there are times where God speaks more through their work that my own, it's an epic experience.

Kristina Hollman

christian collage vision board clip art
He's got the whole world in his hands artwork

It has been such a pleasure to find the creative prayer group. It's like an oasis from life where there is the opportunity to slow down and focus on creating something or expressing thoughts/prayers/worship/meditations through art alongside others who also seek God. I appreciate the beautiful freedom in how to use the time and what to make. It is informal and everyone is friendly and welcoming wherever you are from (I also love a cup of tea!). Everyone encourages each other and genuinely all abilities are welcome. I brought my stepdaughter-to-be who does art at school and she really enjoyed it too and was welcomed which was really special. Thank you!

Rebekah Taylor

Creative prayer is a little oasis in the busyness of life and ministry. It has been a valuable opportunity to switch off from everyday worries, and immerse myself in creatively making space for God. Sometimes it has been a chance to try out new creative skills. For example, I have really enjoyed learning the ancient art of Celtic knotwork. At other times I have felt a profound sense of God’s presence and a quiet space to explore what the Spirit is speaking into my life at that time.

The team are very hospitable, and make everyone welcome, whether they are seasoned artists, or complete beginners. It is always lovely to see people who say they are not at all artistic share some beautiful art they have created, often with a soul-depth of meaning and wisdom. I would highly recommend giving it a go!

Rachel Watson

Jesus frees from fear artwork
christian journal page

Creative prayer is a special time for me. It is a protected, dedicated space , away from the demands of everyday life , where  I can lay aside  responsibilities and worries . Surrounded by others who have the same purpose , I can focus on God, give him my concerns, and hear from him his words of direction and healing.
I find that having creative materials available can help me to focus . I often find when I first arrive from a hectic schedule I can’t sit still and do nothing , so something simple like playing with watercolour or selecting cuttings from magazines can be helpful in quieting my mind .
After our time of quiet we get together and if we wish may share what we have been learning. I have been astonished at the profound insights people have gained and these help me in my own life journey. I find it very enriching spending time with people from different Christian backgrounds and experiences. Creative prayer has become an indispensable practice in my Christian growth and health. 

Julia Hayes

Precious child artwork

I did this one a few years ago when God was showing me how he perceives me, as opposed to how I had grown up seeing myself, having had a difficult childhood. It helped me get a new perspective.  Anna

affirmations bible journal page
glass art god's kindness

It’s all about trying to find ways to allow God's truths and perspectives sink deeper into me. 

prayer journal page

I did this at a recent session.
At the time I was working through having long covid and being able to do very little, feeling frustrated at times.
It helped me realise just how enormously privileged I am, in that I now have the time and resources to just ‘be in God’s presence’.

Anna Atkinson

My husband, Steve, and I find the Creative Prayer mornings to be such a blessing. They provide a welcoming space where we can set aside time to be with others and with God. Starting with a guided meditation leads well into our finding a quiet space to make use of the wide variety of books and materials with which we can express our thoughts and impressions: one Saturday I made a collage based on Psalm 23; the next I illustrated a scripture that went on to prove significant in unlocking a situation. Gathering together towards the end, we get to share what we have made if we would like to - and this is a time of encouragement and inspiration. Steve and I find ourselves looking forward to the next Creative Prayer morning even before we leave!

Sue Capper

Peaceful scene painted on a stone

I find the creative prayer sessions very peaceful & nurturing. We start the session sitting comfortably in a group.

We are invited to greet the group & say anything from  'Good morning' or speak a bit more. It could be sharing how you are feeling or something that you are bringing to the session. Sunita shares with us & reads a passage from the bible, we pray & meditate. Sunita guides us with inspiring ideas & materials for our creativity. We are encouraged to spend the time in the way that most nurtures us. There is no set plan or thing that you have to do or make. The idea is to spend the time with God & listen to how God is speaking to you. So your session could be being still, resting, sleeping or creating. The space is so peaceful & you do what's right for you.

Sunita provides a variety of books from written prayers, praying through creativity & many more.

On this particular session I came feeling a bit lost & grieving, 3 special people to me had died recently. Also my youngest daughter had just left home. I was noticing the feeling of loss. At the start of the session I shared that I felt like a bird sat in it's nest looking at it & seeing it was empty. On top of the grief I was experiencing I hadn't actually appreciated how sad I felt about my empty nest. Really happy for my girls but noticing the loss I felt too.

Sunita had brought some pebbles & acrylic paint pens I was inspired to have a go! I  went in the Chapel to pray. The picture I painted on the pebble represents 'The empty nest' my two fledglins have flown but the tree is always there with my nest. I prayed during my painting. It is a peaceful space, one of the rooms has gentle music playing in the background which I like. I have found creating this pebble a very healing process & I still take great comfort in looking at it.

At the end of session we all come & sit together in the group & if we choose can share & reflect on the way we spent the morning. We finish the session with a prayer.
I love these sessions so much I will shift & move mountains to ensure that I can go. 

Kathy Stonehouse

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