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Welcome to 

Creative Prayer


What is Creative Prayer?

The idea of spiritual retreat is not new to the church; a chance to rest, reflect, listen and be renewed. 

Not everyone has the time, finances or ability to travel to partcipate in retreat opportunities. However, creative prayer sessions are like a mini-retreat in a local area allowing access to all.


The sessions provide a reflective space allowing people to experience healing, stillness and fellowship. Creative materials are provided to be used for exploration, reflection and expression. 

Do I need to be good at Art?

Absolutely no, we are not equating the creativity that we all have with being good at art. It's often the people who feel that they are not creative who get the most from the process


Please download a free Guide to Creative Prayer

Our purpose is to share our ideas, methods and resources for use by individuals and groups. 

We would love it if groups like ours were started in different areas of the country. 

Please share our site with as many contacts that you have that might be interested and could benefit.

Lettering on stones with acrylic marker pens



"Be still and know that I am God"

Psalm 46:10

We are not silent in our session but we are quiet allowing each person to find their own prayerful stillness. 


"He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me"

Psalm 18:19


Our sessions offer people space to spend time with God in a different format to a usual church service.


We find that  people are very keen to book up sessions in advance as they experience the value of making this space in their busy schedules. 


As we engage with simple creative activities, we slow down and let go of our daily struggles. We 'stay a while' with God and open up to His voice. We may use creative materials to express what is being revealed to us or how we are feeling and to take us into a zone where we are more receptive. We stress that no one is expected to produce anything artistic. 


Our sessions bring together people from many different churches in our city of Southampton, UK.

There is time at the start and end of each session to share and to listen to others. It's very encouraging to hear others' experience, offer support and develop friendships.


We slow down in order to listen to ourselves, to God, to one another.


We trust that in the stillness and openess to God we are putting ourselves in a place to be open to God's healing 

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